Network Profile: Mujahid Al-Majali

[email protected]
Jordan, Amman

I have been a technical writer for more than eight years in several different settings. I learn remarkably quickly, and my researching skills are outstanding.

The majority of my career has been in advertising and technical copywriting.

Four years were spent working with the United States Agency for International Development, where I specialized in Business Development, which has undoubtedly been my favorite field. This position had the most variety, from official letters to courses and news writing and proposals.

I am here to help you achieve your goals, and I am passionate about my belief that together, we can achieve anything.

I have joined Upwork in April 2021, gained two clients from day one who I still work with to this day, as we are enjoying our collaboration together.

Although I thoroughly enjoy technical writing, I am a competent, creative writer and would like to have more opportunities to employ my imagination. I write best about topics that interest me or that I feel passionate about. My sense of humor is generally decent, but I also have a satirical streak in my writing when appropriate. And I have to admit; I am most interested in creative writing for my freelance work, Beside my Arabic-English Translation gig.

My writing style is not for everyone. With customer satisfaction as my primary focus, I am more interested in quality. With that in mind, I want to make sure that the product meets or exceeds expectations, even if it means doing extra work upfront or toward the end. Writing has always been something I do for fun, and I love the idea that it can help others while keeping me happily occupied.